Tübingen is home to many Neuro and ML research institutes, most of which are located on its beautiful hills.

You want to attend the summer school in person or remotely? Here is what you need to know...


Other summer schools and conferences take high attendance fees. We want to make the event inclusive for everyone and keep the event free of charge.

Online attendance

We plan to record all the lectures and workshops, and some of the speakers present online themselves. We will moderate the sessions both online and offline, so questions will be possible in chat and speech. In the breaks, there’ll be themed breakout rooms for you to get to know your peers. You’ll receive a zoom link by email shortly before the event.

In-person attendance

Those of you coming to Tübingen will enjoy the full benefit of networking possibilities and a tour of the institutes. There will be snacks during the day and some evening activities (stay tuned!).
However, due to limited room capacity, we have to limit the number of in-person participants to a maximum of 75 people, assigned by a first-come-first-served policy.
Beyond this limit, you are still welcome to attend online, no limit on that.

Accommodation in Tübingen

We have reserved 36 beds in Tübingen’s youth hostel and we recommend staying there together for a better group experience. There are rooms with 2-4 beds and breakfast is included for 37.90€ per night. If you want to stay at this place, please indicate so in the registration form -- again, first-come-first-served!

EDIT: Please note that all of these pre-booked beds are taken already. However, you can still pick the option in the form and we will set you on a waiting list. We will notify you when places get free.

For people who want to organize their own accommodation, we recommend having a look at uni accommodations. Of course you can also try to book a place at the youth hostel directly (beyond our 36 beds reservation). Or you book an AirBnB or Couch-surf or camp ...

Participant contributions

Of course, the summer school is not only meant for you to listen to our speakers, but also to interact with and learn from your peers! A great way to do this, is to present a project you are working on as a poster (offline only) or a blitz talk (~15min). It is not necessary to commit to a presentation just yet, but in the registration form we will ask you to indicate how likely you are to present. We will then contact you again a little bit closer to the event and ask you to provide more information.

COVID-19 disclaimer

In case of an unexpected outbreak of a (new) COVID variant in the summer, we will consider moving the whole event online.

And now...